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Original Composition helping your vision

You have produced great content - now all You need is original music! Depending on chosen musical style we will provide You with ideas, themes and moods. Let us create music enhacing visuals and not getting Your picture in the way.

Orchestration Let us help You!

Nowadays, not every composer has the time or the skills to orchestrate own music. Schedules are tight and the sound and performance of a real orchestra is still the best. We will provide You with help and assistance.

Score preparation ready for recording session?

Working with live musicians and orchestra conductors calls for music on real paper. We will help other composers and arrangers with the preparation of conductor-score, parts or lead sheets. We are using Sibelius, Finale and Notion.

Creative Sound Design from silence to noise

If You need a specific, custom-made sound palette for Your project, audio-logo or sound FXs - You are in the right place! We produce fully synthesized, acoustic or hybrid sound creations.

Sequencing & Editing from MIDI to audio

Before the recording session of the final score can begin, we need to prepare realistic sounding MIDI mock-ups. Even the newest and best Sample Libraries on the market needs to be programmed appropriately for best sounding results.

Mixing & Mastering for modern sound

We deliver a wide range of audio formats for all production purposes. Surround or stereo - our mixes are broadcast-ready and are compliant with all new norms for loudness and dynamics.

Still have questions?

Let us know how can we help You.

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